Italy China Football Friendship Club

taly China Football Friendship Club (ICFF Club) it's a Italy-China Link Department for the cooperation between Italy and China in Sports industry and football. ICFF Club is a O2O Business Matching platform specialized in every aspect of chinese football reform.

The president of the department is Dario Magri, who works in China since 2004 for the internationalisation of football projects. Nicholas Gineprini is the director of the editorial and market place platforms.

Itay China Link Association has a very good reputation in China and it works with the Cpaffc, a Governmental Association for friendship with foreign countries, so, for this reason we can give you an easy access to the chinese market.


Not only Football Clubs and academies, but even Federations, Sports Universities and esnterprises involved in football industry in China and/or in Italy. Our partners will have a personal business box inside ICFF Club in three languages (italian, chinese and english) and will have the opportunities to communicate with other ICFF members


ICFF Club is not only a Business Matching Platform, we even organizes Courses to our partners for the introduction at the business of chinese football, we even organizes Football Camp Activities, Sports Events and others activities in China

With the platform we intend to promote the chinese system in Italy and in the world

Is to Create a Bilateral System with these values
-Stability in the relationship, Long Term Plan
-Improve the communication between Italy and China
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